Perfecting Note Taking In University

Perfecting Note Taking for University There is no doubt that the standard of note taking expected in high school in comparison to university is incredibly different. Teachers provide more group time and are more attentive if a student is distracted in class. Professors on the other hand have so many students to cater to that […]

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Eating Healthy For Students

By Shelly Koren A significant element of our lives that greatly affects our ability to excel in school and focus is frequently ignored by students; this is of course food. We interact with food every day from pizza day on Tuesdays to grabbing a burger after class because food gives us energy to progress in […]

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Importance Of Sleep For Students

By Shelly Koren It is a common problem for teens to avoid sleeping as much as they should, which ultimately takes a toll on how they behave at home, with their friends, and their ability to retain information at school. This could be for numerous reasons, for example the student may have been unable to […]

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How To Stay Focused Inside and Outside of School

How to Stay Focused There has been a drastic shift in how a student is able to retain information due to their inability to focus in the classroom. Remaining focused in class is the most effective way to ensure consistent good marks, since the student won’t be cramming at the very last minute scrambling for […]

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