How To Get Your Children To Enjoy Reading

In todayโ€™s world where computers and television are valued as high entertainment sources it is important to manually integrate reading into your childrenโ€™s lives, because it is a tool that will develop their language, their creativity and many more skill sets. For….

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How To Deal With A Bad Report Card

It is difficult to accept that after grade 3 the shining comments from teachers turns into a solid grade that can determine how your child is doing in school. Any parent knows that a bad grade has the capability of altering your mood for the day, and….

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Cyber Bullying

Not too long ago bullying was not as complex as it is today. Once home, the victim to bullying was able to hide from the teasing that is pervasive in younger grades; this is not the generation that we live in anymore. Now if a child is being bullied there….

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Choosing Between University And College

There is a common misconception that university students gain more from their education in comparison to those that attend college. Due to this, there are students who apply to university classes in order to appear a certain way with their….

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