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The Tutoring Expert realizes that Math can be one of the most fiercely dreaded subjects by students. Tutoring can help. We believe that everyone can learn Math, if guided appropriately. With the help of our teachers, we can identify areas your child struggles with and convert the fear for Math, by breaking concepts into smaller chunks. Quite simply, our private Richmond Hill Math tutors make math manageable.

For over a decade now, our tutors have been empowering students in a way that is not possible in a classroom. Our Richmond Hill Math tutors have extensive experience in tutoring and always endeavour to keep themselves current and involved with the educational field. Be assured that we offer a customized Math tutoring experience to meet your child’s needs specifically and always ensure the highest of results.

Richmond Hill Math Tutoring

Richmond Hill is part of the largest and most diverse areas in Metropolitan Toronto with over 200,000 residents,. That is why we are pleased to offer math tutoring programs that are as diverse as the needs of Richmond Hill’s students. Our in-home tutoring service designs lesson plans that are specialized to each and every student to ensure the best fit.

We have tutors available in the Richmond Hill neighbourhoods of Gormley, Dollar, Langstaff, Carrville, Headford, Elgin Mills, Jefferson, Bond Lake, Temperanceville, Lake Wilcox, Oak Ridges and Richvale.

Our Math Tutoring Program

✔ We assess current Mathematical ability and fill in any gaps in your child’s elementary Mathematics foundation. At the Tutoring Expert we take a holistic approach to ensure that we alleviate any past anxiety associated with Math.

✔ Our expert tutors in Richmond Hill help to build confidence in students so that they are continuously improving and do not fall behind.

✔ We make Math fun by integrating it with hands on examples and show students how to apply Math in real life.

✔ At the Tutoring Expert we ensure students are exposed to both homework practice and assessment opportunities.

How Can a Math Tutor Help?

Math builds on itself each lesson, which means that your student could fall behind quickly if they don’t understand something. Misunderstandings can leave gaps in your child’s education that will be difficult to fill in later grades.

For example, without understanding multiplication and division, factoring can be a challenge to learn. Math tutoring in Richmond Hill can help your student to have fewer gaps and progress through their lessons effectively. A problem for many students in the math classroom is the lack of individual attention.

Teachers in school may have dozens of children to teach, so it can be nearly impossible for them to give your child the attention they need. A personal private math tutor, however, can meet one-on-one with your student and answer their questions as they arise.

 tutor iconWe offer the following help in Mathematics for Richmond Hill Ontario students:

  • Elementary Math: Grades K-8
  • High School Math: Grades 9-11
  • Grade 12 Math including:
    • Advanced Functions
    • Calculus and Vectors
    • Data Management
  • University and College Math

Our Richmond Hill math tutors are highly qualified and skilled in teaching all levels of elementary and advanced math. They use proven tutoring techniques to help their students build academic self-confidence and achieve positive results in the classroom. Don’t just suffer through math class.

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