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Fully vetted, hand picked tutors who pass the test of time with professional experience and passion for teaching. Our clients can custom request a tutor based on your preference for availability, personality, teaching style, experience and budget.

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  • Tutors are hand picked by the best in the industry – qualified teachers who are also parents and know the qualities it takes to be the ideal tutor
  • Background and reference check
  • Minimum of an undergraduate degree
  • Prior tutoring and teaching experience
  • Superior communication skills
  • Each tutor has to go through intense exam to demonstrate expert knowledge in subject area
  • Each tutor is tested for their teaching skills
  • We ensure tutors are able to work with multiple learning styles
  • Training is provided yearly to ensure quality standards are maintained
  • Friendly and approachable behavior
  • Great role models
  • Great work ethic
Ian B.


My experience with The Tutoring Expert has been excellent. They quickly matched us with a great tutor. Communication has also been very good. Their excellent tutor has helped my daughter (5th grade) develop more confidence in her math work. – Ian B.

Sylvia L.


Nihta has been a great help in tutoring my daughter in grade 6 math. My Daughter struggles with ADHD as well as a learning disability and Nihta has been able to find a way to explain things and get through to her in a way that no one has been able to in the past. My daughter is more confident and it shows in her work. Thank you Tutoring Expert! – Sylvia L.

Kelly Z.

North York

My daughter is in grade 4 and was struggling with Math and Writing skills. We were introduced to a lovely tutor who has given my daughter her confidence back, she is thriving in both subjects. Thank you Tutoring Expert. – Kelly Z.

Lady in Toronto
Tamara M.


I found that their response time from answering my call to having a tutor ready for my daughter was amazingly fast. The Tutor was for Grade 10 Science + Math, she was super 🙂 – Tamara M.

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